Life In Belarus

Belarus was considered to be educational center during USSR period. That is why the majority of universities still perform their duties. Especially in Minsk there are more than 30 universities and educational institutions. The official languages of the Republic of Belarus are Russian and Belarussian. In everyday life 98% of the population speaks Russian. At the same time the official language of education in Belarus is also Russian. You can hear the Belarussian language only in the announcement at the metro and bus stations. 98% of the Belarusian population is considered to be literate. The unemployment is nearly 0%. That is why Belarus is very cultural and well-to-do country, people are peaceful and calm. In Belarus nobody interferes in your personal life. The government keeps up established rules and laws, the sanctions are serious. There is no any racism, in contrary; people are very respectful to the foreigners. In the streets there is civil police control which provides security for population. While walking along the streets the possibility of coming across any fights, drinking or inappropriate behavior is very low. Belarus is very clean country with numerous green parks, lakes, rivers. The 34% of the territory is covered with forests, that’s why the country has clean and fresh air. Despite the fact that Belarus is very cold country during the winter period isolation of the apartments and heating system provide comfortable conditions of living. The population is very important for Belarus. Widths of the streets, crosswalks, bikeways, parks, playgrounds are designed for people’s comfort. One more important factor for Belarus is its cleanliness. The reason is the population’s and government’s sensibility. Briefly speaking, cleanliness, security, calmness of Belarus should be taken into account.